Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Signs Sign of the Week: Mommy!

My Unforgettable Mother's Day Gift

"Joshua, my third baby boy and third signer gave me such a special Mother's Day gift last year. A little over a year old and he was signing up a storm. He would use the sign for "Daddy" for any close family member, Mommy included. No matter how hard I tried he refused to sign "Mommy." He would just look at me and grin with that "I know what you want, but unless you agree to give me an unlimited supply of cookies you're not getting it." look.

Then on Mother's Day I tried again. I asked Joshua, "Can you sign 'Mommy'?" He looked at me and signed "Love Mommy." That child was instantly forgiven for all the sleepless nights and earned major brownie points for the future. He had the biggest smile full of pride on his face like he had been saving it up for just this day, this moment. He signed it over and over and used the sign for "Mommy" every day after that.

That Mother's Day will forever be one of my favorites. For my baby to be able to communicate so young and tell me he loves me; To see the pride and joy on his face because he made Mommy so happy is a gift I will cherish always."

-Elizabeth Sprague

Learn the sign of the week: Mommy!

This week's video features photos of signing moms from around the world. Thank you for sharing!

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