Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Early Potty Training Positively Impacts Environment

Real Life

Comments on Facebook this week from moms who are potty training before 2:

"My 12 month old just signed potty for the first time today while watching the Potty Train dvd. He actually asks for the dvd by bringing me his whistle and then dances and watches intently for the entire thing. Thanks for the encouraging tools!"

"My 10 month old just signed potty while watching her dvd too! And she really loves the whistle. She gets to play with the whistle when she goes potty. She thinks it's really funny so it's a good positive reinforcement for going potty!"

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It's Potty Time (For Boys) It's Potty Time (For Girls)

Toilet training is a important step in a child's development; however, young children can sometimes be frightened by the sight and sound of a flushing toilet. Now you can read It's Potty Time (For Boys) and It's Potty Time (For Girls) with your child and help prevent or eliminate those fears. As you read the book together, invite your child to push the button on the book to hear the sound of a flushing toilet and giggling children. Use the chart on the last page of the book to acknowledge and reward your child's potty-time success!

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