Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Signs Doctors in Asia: Spreading the Good News

You’ve heard us say it and seen it on our web site: “The Baby Signs® Program is the World’s Leading Sign Language Program for Babies.” Well, after the three week visit to Asia that Dr. Susan Goodwyn and I made in late October, the statement rings truer than ever!

The trip had many goals, but one of the most important was to work with local partners to establish Baby Signs Taiwan and Baby Signs China. We are so excited to be able to welcome these wonderful new team members to our world-wide Baby Signs® family!

Another highlight of the trip was the chance to introduce the Baby Signs® Program to students and faculty at four major universities in Taiwan, as well as to share information about early intellectual development drawn from our second book, Baby Minds. The response to these presentations was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, based on the number of photos taken and autographs given at the end of our talks, we began to feel like “rock stars!”

Our stay in Taiwan was followed by seven wonderful days in Japan, the home of our very first international partnership. Established in 2005, Baby Signs Japan is justifiably proud of its instructor network which is flourishing.

Through it all, we couldn’t have been treated with more warmth, respect, and enthusiasm. However, the most important gift was the perspective it gave the two of us on the incredible impact the Baby Signs® Program is having on families on the other side of the world. All in all, a fascinating and tremendously rewarding trip!

-Linda Acredolo, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Baby Signs, Inc.

Here we are with Ann Supanklang, Director of the Baby Signs Institute and Hannah from Baby Signs Taiwan at Tapai 101, reportedly the world's tallest building.

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