Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Signs is Amazing: Guest post from Nicole Borza Koch

A Sacramento, CA mom felt compelled to share her thoughts about the Baby Signs Program on Facebook today. We enjoyed reading her signing story so much so we're sharing it with you.


I feel compelled to write a testimonial because signing with Lily & specifically the Baby Signs program has totally changed our lives for the better!

We started signing to Lily as soon as she was born. We only knew about 10+ signs, but we would make them every time we could, especially signs like "milk". When Lily was 4 months old . . . she started signing "milk" when she wanted to eat! It was amazing! By the time she was 8 months old, she also knew "more", "hot", and "dog".

When Lily was 11 months old, we started our Baby Signs class. The class was amazing. In the babies eyes, the class is taught by Beebo, the Bear. What an ingenious idea! What a great way to capture their attention! Each child is given the spotlight during the class. We socialize, we sign, we sing, we play with toys, we read, we experience. It utilizes every possible method of learning and it WORKS! Within 1 week, Lily knew about 5 more signs. Now . . . she knows 40+ (I just counted the other day) and she's only 14 months old. She's talking also, so signing is definitely not a deterant for talking, but she makes her signs while she tries to say words.

Being able to communicate with her is SUCH a blessing. I love knowing that not only does she want to eat, but specifically that she wants cheese . . . or eggs . . . or milk. As a first time mother, being able to communicate so clearly with my child at such a young age is very comforting because I feel like I can truly meet her needs.

We have signed up for our second series of Baby Signs classes & we can't wait. Lily LOVES Beebo, the Bear. She doesn't watch any TV, except for her Baby Signs DVD. We have tried other shows like Sesame Street a few times, but she specifically askes for "Beebo . . . on!" She gets SO excited when the DVD comes on. She points & smiles & laughs & dances & signs. We also listen to our Baby Signs CD in the car. A few weeks ago, I was driving & tired, so I wasn't signing and singing like I normally do. I looked in our baby mirror & saw Lily concentrating very intently . . . and signing! Every word that a person was supposed to sign, she was!!! "Eat, eat, eat some food, eat some food, I say . . . "

Baby Signs is amazing! I HIGHLY recommend it to all parents of babies & toddlers :)



chaipo said...

Agreed! Similar story for us, although I didn't know about baby signs until a few weeks ago. My 18 month old daughter's verbal skills EXPLODED a few months ago and I believe it has a lot to do with making the language connections early using sign language. She is speaking in complete sentences, right out of the gate. Another great thing about signing is that when she is emotional, she "loses" words, and signing is the quickest way to get her to express herself. Truly baby signing has been an incredible journey for us, and I would recommend classes/DVDs to anyone!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

"Beebo" (bathtime being the top favorite) and "Potty Train" are common DVD requests in our house. Hearing Joshua exclaim "All Aboard! Chuga-chuga-chuga choo choo!" is adorable :) They Love to watch the DVDs with BeeBo sitting on the couch next to them too :) said...

Great story. I love hearing these successes - great for babies and parents!