Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Amazing Potty Training Success Story

Potty training is sometimes a frustrating eneavor. That's why I just have to share this inspiring email we received yesterday!
Linda Easton
Baby Signs, Inc.


Hello There :

I bought the Baby Signs Potty Kit when my son was going to turn two .He already knew a bunch of different signs before I bought the DVD but I thought it would take him a couple of months or even more to start using the potty ... I am shocked he learned the signs for the first time he saw the video and started using the potty next day!

I cannot express how thankful I feel! After 2 weeks watching the DVD there were no more accidents and he uses both the potty seat and the toilet . Recently I went to the swimming pool with him and he used the public bathroom 4 times to go potty! My son does not talk yet so this video was extremely helpful.

Nathan was born in June 5, 2007 and he is a diaper free baby!!!!

I would also like to mention how much he likes the rewarding stickers! I bought some extra ones and he LOVES getting them.

Thank you again,

-Karina K.

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