Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Sign Language in Action!

A few days ago (Monday 7/20/09 is be exact) I wrote about the wide variety of signs that babies use—that they love to communicate about lots more things beyond wanting more milk or being hungry. Several parents responded with lovely examples from their own experiences with the Baby Signs Program, including Baby Madison using signs to indicate that she understood that it was too COLD to go OUTSIDE and, therefore, not pitching a fit when Mom said she had to wait until later. I really love stories like this one because they demonstrates how baby signing enables two minds—the baby’s and the parent’s—to meet, if you will, on an even playing field and achieve an understanding. No wonder the most frequent advantage parents mention is a decrease in tears and tantrums.

Madeleine, another mom, included a link to her own blog where she not only describes in words some of her daughter Darcy’s fun times with signs, but also a wonderful video of Darcy signing. I love the video because it shows lots of different contexts in which signing occurs—mealtime, book reading, “out and about” with a great hat on! Over the years I’ve learned that many people don’t “get it” about baby sign language until they see it in action. That’s why videos like these are so valuable. Thanks Madeleine!

I’d love to hear more stories and see more videos. We need to PROVE it's not just "parlor tricks" for babies!

Happy Signing--

Linda Acredolo, Ph.D.
The Baby Signs Program
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